Roger Silverwood, Author.


Detective Inspector Michael Angel is called out to investigate the murder of a penniless man staying at the luxurious Feathers Hotel in the South Yorkshire town of Bromersley.  The only clue is a red fruit gum left near the dead man by the murderer.  Other murders follow, and the presence of a fruit gum by each body greatly puzzles him.  Also there is a clever thief in the town, who surreptitiously relieves the rich of their jewellery.  Angel is under pressure to catch him.  Could it be Harry “the hatchet” Harrison?  The investigations become more mystifying and dangerous, as Angel races to find the explanation to stop more mayhem and murder.

This is the twentyfirst in the highly successful Inspector Angel series.

Fruit Gum Murders 

What the critics say ...

'Silverwood combines a classic mystery plot with well developed characters'   Publishers Weekly 

'....solid plotting, unpretentious writing, thoroughly reliable entertainment.'  Morning Star

'.... a cast of characters you really want to populate with familiar faces of actors you see each week on TV - great fun. Angel is terrific.'   Books Monthly