Roger Silverwood, Author.


Award winning actress, Joan Minter, is murdered in front of a gathering of her closest friends. However, nobody knows who the murderer is, nobody saw him or her, and nobody present could possibly be the guilty one. That's the challenge facing Detective Inspector Angel and his team when they are called out to her luxurious home in Bromersley, South Yorkshire, at the foot of the Pennines. At the same time, an apparently innocent young insurance man is found murdered in his own house. The only clues are a new vacuum cleaner left by the murderer and an open refrigerator. Who committed the crime and what has the vacuum cleaner got to do with the case?

This is the twenty-third  in the highly successful Inspector Angel series.



etective Inspector Michael Angel and his team are sent to investigate the murder of a pretty young woman.  Inquiries indicate that she had discovered the operation of a Money Tree swindle at Zenith Television. Angel interviews eccentric Abercrombie, who tows a boxcar scavenging for fuel to heat his cottage, and further inquiries lead Angel to another body.       Also, Angel gets unwillingly involved with a recently married middle-aged couple who have bought a house haunted by the ghost of an alcoholic dentist and his family who died tragically in 1760.       The investigations become more mystifying and dangerous, as Angel races to find the explanation and stop more mayhem and murder.

    This is the 22nd in the highly successful Inspector Angel series.  

What the critics say ...

'Silverwood combines a classic mystery plot with well developed characters'   Publishers Weekly 

'....solid plotting, unpretentious writing, thoroughly reliable entertainment.'  Morning Star

'.... a cast of characters you really want to populate with familiar faces of actors you see each week on TV - great fun. Angel is terrific.'   Books Monthly